Included: Flights, airport tax, hotel, guidance in a private tour bus, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners.
Duration:2 days
Price (per person): 112,000 ISK; approx. 900 USD

Optional #1: In the evening of Day 1 there is a possibility to go to the Nature Baths (the Blue Lagoon in the North) after dinner for an extra fee of 6000 ISK (included is the entrance fee and coach ride to the baths).

Optional #2: After lunch on Day 2 there is a possibility of going on a 3-hour whale watching trip from Husavik, INSTEAD of visiting the Theistareykir power station and the beer tasting. The tour starts 13:30 and is finished 16:30 and costs an additional 10.500 ISK.

Thursday to Friday, 28 – 29 October

Price: 120,000kr

This adventurous two-day tour to North-eastern Iceland will take you to the very origin of geothermal utilisation in the country. You will also visit Iceland’s newest and most advanced power station at Theistareykir, the famous Krafla power station were the world’s hottest geothermal well was drilled and learn how geothermal is used for district heating, growing vegetables in greenhouses and maybe even taste a geothermal beer. On the way, you experience the unique landscape that has been the background of so many Hollywood films and TV programs such as Game of Thrones, see powerful waterfalls, impressive eruption craters, walk on 40 year old lava flow where NASA trained their astronauts for the Apollo Program and meet people happily living on a volcano.

The group will stay one night at a hotel on the banks of Lake Myvatn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its unique bio-diversity, volcanic landscape and wetland, there you will get to taste some of the oldest Icelandic traditional foods which you will most likely never forget!

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Flight early in the morning from Reykjavik to Akureyri where a coach and guides will be waiting for the passengers scheduled for this trip. From Akureyri we drive to Godafoss waterfall, where we will stop and have a short walk before we head further east for lunch to the Dark Cities (Dimmuborgir) at Lake Mývatn. After lunch we explore and learn about the Dimmuborgir lava formations. Next stop is another Game of Thrones location: the Grjotagja cave, where a river of geothermal water flows underground. On the way to Krafla power station we will pick up some hot geothermally baked ryebread and bring it to Krafla. There will be hot coffee waiting for us, before we go on a tour through the station, seeing the insides of the power station and laboratory, and visit one of the wells on site. After the tour we head further up to the mountain, to see Leirhnjukur geothermal area and the newest lavaflows from the Krafla Central Volcano, from the Krafla fires that occurred in 1975-1984. After the lava walk, we head back to Lake Myvatn to Sel Hotel, where we get a buffet of traditional Icelandic foods (þorramatur) and pizza buffet for those who don’t dare try the Icelandic food. After dinner we recommend the pseudo crater walk next to the hotel, with marvellous views over Lake Myvatn.

Day 2: From Myvatn we drive to Laxarvirkjun hydroelectric powerplant, where we get a tour inside the mountain. From there we head to the Husavik Energy, where we get an introduction of their low-temperature geothermal utilization. After eating the catch of the day at Husavik harbour, we head up to the new Theistareykir Geothermal Powerplant. This state of the art, 90 MW electricity plant was powered up in 2018 and is the newest in Iceland.
When we are fully saturated of geothermal utilization, we head back to Husavik for local geothermal brewery, where we are signed up for beer tasting. After the liquid gold we take the bus to Akureyri for a good dinner at Strikid, a “penthouse-restaurant” downtown. On bright summers evening there are few things better, than to sit back and enjoy the good food and the great views of Akureyri in all directions, up to the mountains and out to the sea.
After dinner we head to the airport for the journey back south to Reykjavík city.