General Q&A

All registrations already paid for World Geothermal Congress 2020 remain valid for the new WGC 2020+1, that is for both the online event series and the on-site hybrid event on October 24-27, 2021. There is no need to re-confirm your commitment. There will be no hidden or extra fees. All those registered will receive a confirmation from our PCO (Professional Conference Organizer). As for the on-line events in the run up to WGC in October 2021, all valid registrations to date will automatically be transferred to all the events, including the Opening Event on 30 March 2021 and the on-site event in October 2021.

The WGC organisation together with the Icelandic partners and the IGA will ensure the WGC 2020+1 will not only honour all commitments made but will significantly add to the experience of the participants. All sponsors and exhibitors will maintain their choice locations in Harpa Conference Centre and all those willing to proceed with their non-technical events will be accommodated.

We sincerely thank all of you who have kept their registrations, and supported WGC 2020, in these past uncertain months, and we truly believe that the new format will result in the greatest World Geothermal Congress to date.

New registrations for WGC 2020+1 (the on-line event series plus the on-site event in October 2021) will open on as soon as possible. Those already registered do not need to register again, the existing registration is valid and will be automatically transferred to the full WGC 2020+1 program (both the on-site hybrid event and the on-line events), followed by a personal confirmation email.

No, prices will not change. Despite the high cost of organising such a comprehensive program as WGC 2020+1, both the Icelandic organisers and IGA have worked hard to ensure that an event of such importance is affordable for the entire world geothermal community.

Accommodation reservations made through our PCO (Professional Conference Organizer) can be cancelled if requested and as such will be fully refunded. For request and refunds in this regard, contact our PCO directly by e-mail to .

The World Geothermal Organisation cannot be held responsible for reservations and fees associated with travel and accommodation arrangements made with a third party. Please refer to the relevant terms and conditions with your travel and accommodation partners, and insurance provisions of your respective credit card issuers.

Technical programme

The allocation of papers to sessions will be made by the Technical Programme Committee, not by author choice. In general the topical virtual events will focus on specialized papers, and the October in-person event will focus on papers of broadest interest.

Yes. Only registrants can be presenters, both for oral and poster presentations. Both virtual and in-person presenters have to register.

Yes. Both oral presenters and poster presenters will make videos. Presenters at the in-person event will also make videos. All presenters will make videos.

Yes. Even though the in-person event will use only live presentations, the videos will still be useful for participants who want to preview your presentation in advance, or have schedule overlaps etc.

All videos should be 15 minutes in duration.

Yes. Instructions are provided in the Presenter Instructions. Most recent versions of Powerpoint allow for the creation of a video, or it can be done using Zoom or other software.

Yes. Authors are requested to be present in the virtual session in order to answer questions from the audience and engage in the discussion of their paper.

Yes. You can designate a co-author or co-worker to be the “speaker” for your paper at the virtual event. (Also at the in-person event.)

Sorry, no. The WGC is a worldwide event, and participants will be in 24 different time zones.

Contact the Programme Committee, who can reallocate your paper to one of the virtual events.

All posters authors will upload their videos in advance, and these videos will be viewable online by all registrants. Poster authors who attend the in-person event in October can also bring and post a physical poster at the poster session.

Actually, they are almost the same. But the difference is that oral presentations will be given in a specific session at a designated time and the author will be present to answer questions from the audience. Poster videos can be viewed at any time by the audience, and instead of an in-person discussion session the audience will submit questions in writing (the author will also respond in writing).

The official language of WGC is English, and that is the first preference for poster presentations. However, if you are not able to record either yourself or a co-author/co-worker presenting in English, then you can record your poster video in your native language, speaking slowly and clearly (viewers will be able to see automated captions translated into English if they choose). Oral presentation videos (not posters) must all be in English only.

No. The virtual sessions have allowed for an increased number of presentations, so many posters have become presentations (unless requested by the author to be posters).

No. The virtual sessions will not have reserves, as we will know in advance that the video presentation is in place. The use of videos and the increased number of presentations means that the virtual sessions do not need reserves. The in-person sessions will still have reserve papers.

Yes. Because of the change in dates and style of the event, we will remove all speaker confirmations and ask authors to make the confirmation again.

If authors choose not to participate in the WGC, they may withdraw in one of two possible ways:

  1. Authors can choose to withdraw their paper from the Congress, which will remove it from the programme schedule as well as from the Proceedings – in this case, authors would be free to submit the paper elsewhere.

  2. Authors can choose to keep their papers in the Proceedings but remove it from the presentation programme. In this case, most journals/conferences would consider this a prior publication.

No. Authors were offered the opportunity to update their papers, and many have done so. However the deadline to do that has now passed. New abstracts are no longer being considered.

Short courses

Provided there is sufficient participation, the Short Courses will go-ahead. Further details concerning the Short Courses will be communicated in due time.


No, those registered as students who may have graduated by October 2021 or have enter the work force can keep their student registrations.

Non-technical events

Yes, despite the new format of WGC 2020+1, we will do our best to assist you in organising your non-technical event in the program. Please contact the PCO (Professional Conference Organizer) to discuss possible format and a new time slot directly by e-mail to .

We will look into that on a case-by-case. Please contact the PCO (Professional Conference Organizer) directly by e-mail to .

Yes, please contact our PCO (Professional Conference Organizer), at and they will assist you in the planning.

IGA / UNU-GTP [GRO] Fellows

Yes, all awarded Registration Fellowship remain valid for the new dates in October 2021. All registered fellows will also be automatically registered for the on-line event, including the Opening Event on 30 March 2021.

Yes, Accommodation Fellowships remain valid. We hope to offer the same accommodation and arrangements per room as before but this will become more clear in the coming weeks and months.

Yes, the Short Course Accommodation Fellowships is still valid, provided, of course there is sufficient interest. Further confirmaion will be provided in due time.

All those awarded with a Fellowship must re-confirm their acceptance by 31 March 2021. Those Fellowships that have been awarded and are not re-confirmed before said date, will be removed from the Fellowship list.

For any further questions regarding the Fellowship please contact Málfríður Ómarsdóttir, Lúðvík Georgsson and Juliet Newson

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